Fine Art Portfolio

Hair of the Wolf

Hair of the wolf pottery is made using hair from our wolf hybrid named Samos. Sam was raised by my wife Dena and is a wolf/collie mix. His abundant shedding (molting) is perfect for producing an interesting visual texture much like burled wood. I place the hair on the surface of my pieces with the color of Sedona red rocks that leaves a natural looking finish when fired.

Woven Pottery

Inspired by colorful Arizona sunsets and red rock slot canyons, these pieces are hand thrown then carved to give the appearance of being been slabbed and woven together.
Woven Desert — Utilize earth tones and my wolf hair process to transform a thrown vessel into a fine art sculpture.
Woven Green — May or may not have hair of the wolf and is glazed with greens, blues, creams, and greys




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